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Repossession Software from Cleardata

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Follow the link below to schedule an appointment to pick up your vehicle and / or your personal belongings.  Our system is easy to use and hassle free!

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Schedule Voluntary Drop-Off

Schedule an appointment to voluntarily surrender your vehicle if a repossession order has been issued. This will help reduce the impact a repossession has on your credit.

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    Have a comment? Let us know! We welcome all feedback and are always looking to improve our processes for your convenience. 



      Full Privacy Policy
      By scheduling an appointment with us online, you are consenting to receive calls and text messages from us anytime, which include hours outside of business hours. This is so we may reach you as soon as possible pertaining to your requested appointment. We do not currently use SMS for marketing purposes. Message and data rates may apply depending on your phone plan. You must Opt-In when scheduling your appointment in order to receive SMS communication related to your appointment.  To Opt-Out text "STOP" to the number you are receiving messages from and we will cease contacting you in that fashion. If you want to opt back in, you may start messaging us again. We may revise these Terms at anytime, just check this section of our website or contact us if you have any concerns. 

      Recovery America will NEVER share your private, personal information with anyone. Any information you share with us is for the sole purpose of scheduling an appointment. Your name, email address, and phone number will never be shared with any entity. Any personal information is not saved or stored for any reason by Recovery America.  SMS consent is NEVER shared externally. 
      Q: Who is the primary signer? Who is the co-signer? Who can pick up property and / or the vehicle?
      A: The primary signer is the individual who is listed in FIRST position on the loan paperwork pertaining to the vehicle. Please refer to your copy of loan paperwork to determine who your primary signer is. If you do not have it handy, please speak to your financial institution. Please understand Recovery America does not have a copy of your loan paperwork and cannot tell you who the primary signer is. 

       The co-signer is the individual listed in the SECOND position on the loan paperwork pertaining to the vehicle. Please refer to your loan paperwork to determine who your co-signer is. 

      Please note: not all loan applications have a co-signer. Both the primary signer and the co-signer (if applicable) have equal right to schedule appointments to pick up property and / or a vehicle.
      Q: Who is an authorized 3rd party?
      Q: Who is an authorized 3rd party?

      A: An authorized 3rd party is an individual who is neither the primary signer nor co-signer (if applicable). They are an individual given special authority from either the primary signer or co-signer to pick up property and / or the vehicle on behalf of either signer. You must give 3rd parties special permission to pick up your property and / or vehicle; you must work with your financial institution to have the 3rd party added to your release paperwork before attempting to schedule an appointment. Please call your financial institution if you wish to have a 3rd party pick up your property or vehicle on your behalf.
      Q: Who can Recovery America speak to regarding an account?
      A: Recovery America can speak to primary signers, co-signers, and authorized 3rd parties regarding appointments, fees*, and account status. All financial institutions inform us of authorized 3rd parties at the time the authorization is given (if applicable). Primary signers, co-signers, and authorized 3rd parties are UNABLE to verbally authorize Recovery America to speak with individuals not currently recognized by the financial institution. 

      *PLEASE NOTE: Recovery America does not have access to information pertaining to your loan balances. The fees mentioned here are exclusive to the storage of your personal belongings and / or vehicle. Fees are on a case-by-case basis and are communicated well in advance of your appointment. 
      Q: What does a correct release look like?

      A: A correct release will have the primary signer’s name, co-signer’s name (if applicable), and the 3rd party individual’s name (if applicable). A correct release will have the name of your financial institution and their forwarding company (if applicable). Lastly, a correct release will state whether you are picking up your property or your vehicle and property. 

      Q: How does Recovery America address Powers of Attorney (POAs), discrepancies in name spellings, name changes due to marital / legal separations, or deceased primary signers?
      A: Recovery America does not have the ability to correct, interpret, or authorize the use of Power of Attorney as it pertains to picking up property or vehicles. All POA forms should be discussed with your financial institution before you schedule an appointment with us. 

      Recovery America does not have the ability to amend financial institution paperwork to account for name changes or misspellings. In the case of legal union or separation, an expired ID listing your former name IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Your bank MUST send us paperwork bearing the name that matches your current, valid form of identification. 

      In the case of deceased primary signers, the co-signer must pick up any property or the vehicle. If there is no co-signer, next of kin of the deceased individual must petition the financial institution to be added as an authorized 3rd party on ALL release paperwork. 

      Example: In 2015, Anna Smith takes out a loan for a car as the primary signer. She does not have a co-signer. In 2018, Anna Smith marries Joe Johnson and legally changes her name and driver’s license to Anna Johnson. In 2022, Anna’s car is repossessed and she wants to get it back, but Anna never told her lending company that she changed her name from Anna Smith to Anna Johnson. Anna needs to have her legal name change validated with her financial institution so that her paperwork reflects Anna Johnson is the primary signer, NOT Anna Smith, as Anna Johnson is on her current, valid identification card. 

      Example: In 2021, Bonnie takes out a vehicle loan without a co-signer. Later that year, Bonnie passes away and her car is repossessed for non-payment. Bonnie’s daughter, Alice, wants to keep the car. Alice must contact Bonnie’s financial institution and petition them to make Alice an authorized 3rd party on Bonnie’s account. Alice must abide by all rules and restrictions set forth by Bonnie’s financial institution. Once Bonnie’s financial institution sends Recovery America release paperwork stating Alice may pick up the vehicle, Alice will schedule a redemption appointment like normal. 

      Example: In 2019, Josh takes out a loan on a vehicle with his wife Julie as the co-signer. In 2022, John and Julie pass away, and their car is repossessed. Their adult daughter Savannah has Power of Attorney over Josh and Julie’s estate and belongings. Savannah wants to come and take the property from the car but does not want to assume financial responsibility for the car itself. Savannah has all paperwork stating she is Power of Attorney on behalf of John and Julie. Savannah must contact John and Julie’s finance company to be added as an authorized 3rd party and present them with any applicable paperwork. Once she is approved by the finance company, Savannah will schedule a property appointment like normal. 
      Q: What are the valid forms of ID accepted by Recovery America?
      A:  Recovery America allows all government-issued photo identification cards to be used as IDs during appointments. Military IDs, driver’s licenses, state IDs, and passports are the only acceptable forms. Recovery America DOES allow the use of the government-issued paper ID that is temporarily issued by the BMV as a placeholder while the permanent card is shipping to the individual. Non-government issued IDs, such as work badges or student IDs, MAY NOT be used. 

      Special Circumstances: Recovery America accepts State IDs (non-driver’s licenses) in the case of property pick up appointments. Recovery America DOES NOT allow State ID holders to pick up vehicles as this ID does not authorize motor vehicle operation. It does NOT matter if the State ID holder is of legal driving age or if they have an expired driver’s license.
      Q: Why can I not make an appointment in ClearData?
      A: There are several reasons that ClearData may not let you make an appointment that are easily solved on your end, listed below. 

      IMPORTANT: In order to redeem property ONLY, you do NOT have to make payments to your financial institution to ask them to generate property redemption paperwork. To pick up your vehicle, you will need to contact your financial institution and make appropriate payment before your paperwork is generated. Recovery America is NOT a lending institution; we cannot see outstanding account balances nor can we ask about outstanding balances on your behalf.

      1. If your vehicle was repossessed the same day that you are trying to make an appointment, it is guaranteed that your vehicle has not finished being fully processed by our team AND by your financial institution. In this case, your vehicle and property have not been cleared for release, meaning that we have not marked your account eligible for scheduling. Please reach out to your financial institution to make sure your vehicle and / or property release paperwork are fully prepared before attempting to schedule.
      2. If you have already scheduled an appointment and are attempting to schedule another appointment, you will get an error message. Property appointments should be scheduled as property ONLY. Vehicle appointments INCLUDE the return of all personal property. You should NOT schedule two appointments. Scheduling the WRONG appointment will lead to your appointment being canceled as they are two different appointments with two very different processes. 
      3. You are attempting to pick up personal property that is expired. The State of Ohio requires repossession agents to hold property for 30 CALENDAR DAYS, after which it is disposed of. Certain financial institutions have additional requirements that are greater than those required by the State of Ohio. Recovery America adheres to whichever requirement is greater. Please check with your individual financial institution for their specific requirements. 

      Example: Eric’s car is repossessed on March 1st. He initially decides not to make a property appointment because he never leaves anything in his car. On April 15th, Eric remembers that he has a couple items in his car he wants back. Eric’s bank, ABC Bank, only requires the state minimum of 30 CALENDAR days for property storage. At this point in time, Eric’s property is likely no longer in Recovery America’s possession and has been disposed of, though Eric is welcome to contact his financial institution and ask them to check with Recovery America on his behalf.

      Example: Anita’s car is repossessed March 1st. She initially decides not to make a property appointment because her car was empty when it was repossessed. On April 30th, Anita remembers that she needs her Ohio license plates, as they are her personal property. Anita calls her bank, XYZ Bank, and learns they require repossessors to store property for 90 days. Anita is likely receiving the ClearData error message because her property is older than 30 days but is within the 90-day window specified by her bank. Anita should ask her bank to contact Recovery America and send over all property release paperwork, as well as ask Recovery America to unblock her account so she may schedule an appointment. 

      1. You are trying to schedule an appointment for a time slot that is unavailable. Recovery America has a high volume of appointment requests and only limited appointment slots. Recovery America schedules appointments on a first-come, first-serve basis. RESERVATION APPOINTMENTS ARE NEVER ALLOWED. We do this in order to give everyone an equal opportunity to schedule appointments once their paperwork has been received. Recovery America ONLY operates on business days (Monday-Friday, EST); we do NOT operate on federally recognized holidays. SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS ARE NOT ACCOMODATED IN CLEARDATA. As shown in the scheduling process video on the previous page, it takes several hours for financial institutions to prepare release paperwork (even longer if payments are involved), send them to the forwarding company (if applicable), and then send them to us. Please contact your financial institution to make sure ALL paperwork has been sent to the forwarding company (if applicable) AND Recovery America BEFORE scheduling an appointment. Paperwork received by Recovery America AFTER 5 PM EST is considered received as of the NEXT business day. 

      Example: Tony’s car is repossessed on a Thursday morning. He contacts his financial company and by 3 PM EST on Thursday, they confirm Recovery America has received his paperwork. Tony can now schedule an appointment. He goes to ClearData and sees that there are no appointments for Friday available because they are already full, so Tony must request an appointment for Monday, as this is the next available business day with an open appointment. 

      Example: Jane’s car is repossessed on a Wednesday morning. Jane owes her financial institution money, which her bank receives on Thursday afternoon. Jane’s bank has received the funds and can now begin the paperwork process. Jane’s bank sends Recovery America all release paperwork and it is time stamped for 6:30 PM EST on Thursday evening. Friday morning, Recovery America notes the paperwork as received at 8:30 AM EST, as this is the start of the new business day. Jane is now able to schedule her appointment for the next business day, Monday. Jane looks in ClearData and sees that all the Monday appointments are full with other individuals who have already scheduled. Jane must look to Tuesday and choose a time slot that best fits her needs. 

      1. You scheduled an appointment under a name that does not match that of the primary signer, co-signer (if applicable), or authorized 3rd party (if applicable). Recovery America WILL cancel an appointment if the name and contact information provided does not match that of an authorized party on the release. 

      Example: John’s car is repossessed and he confirms all his paperwork is received by Recovery America. John’s wife Jessica is not listed as a co-signer or authorized 3rd party on John’s release. Jessica wants to help John, so she schedules the appointment under her name and with her phone number. Recovery America WILL cancel Jessica’s appointment for John’s car because Jessica is not listed on the release paperwork. 

      1. If we attempt to contact you three different times and are unable to get ahold of you. After you book an appointment, Recovery America must contact you using the information provided in order to confirm your appointment and give you our address. Your financial institution WILL NOT give you our address. If we make 3 good faith attempts to contact you and you do not answer within an appropriate amount of time, we will be forced to cancel your appointment and offer it to the next person in line. PLEASE make sure the phone number and email address input to ClearData are correct. All contact attempts are documented and stored under your account for both us and your financial institution to see. NOTE: Recovery America employees will ALWAYS identify ourselves over the phone; Recovery America employees will never ask for sensitive financial information; Recovery America will always identify ourselves and leave a call back number in the voicemail / email, along with hours that we can be reached. 

      Example: Taylor schedules an appointment in ClearData on Thursday for Monday morning. Recovery America attempts to call Taylor once on Thursday during business hours and leaves a message. Recovery America again attempts to call Taylor once on Friday morning and leaves another message. On Friday afternoon, Recovery America emails Taylor and informs her that this is our third attempt to contact her and if she does not reply by Friday at 5 PM EST, we will be forced to cancel her appointment. On Monday morning, Recovery America cancels Taylor’s appointment and uploads all contact attempts to her account for the financial institution to see. It is now Taylor’s job to reschedule her appointment in ClearData and provide contact details at which she can be reached. 
      Q: Will all my property be returned to me during my property appointment?
      A: Yes. All personal property will be returned to you at once during your appointment. Any loose personal belongings, from spare change to car chargers and everything in between will be given back. There are a few exceptions that are critical to note:
        1. Your car has KENTUCKY license plates. Kentucky license plates are considered property of the state and they follow the car. Your Kentucky plates will NOT be returned to you unless you redeem your car. 
        2. Your car has modifications that are affixed to the vehicle. Recovery America will NOT remove property from the vehicle if the removal process has the potential to damage, significantly devalue, or render the vehicle road ineligible or inoperable. A non-exhaustive list of property Recovery America will NOT remove is:
          • Subwoofers, fully installed speaker systems, and / or radio faces: Recovery America cannot alter the wiring or inner paneling of any vehicles, nor can we remove after-market sound systems and potentially send a vehicle to auction with no sound system. 
          • Custom rims and / or tires: Recovery America cannot let a unit sit on our lot with no wheels. Presenting us with the original wheels and tires is not sufficient because Recovery America does NOT assume the responsibility for the risk of damage to the vehicle/wheels that comes with replacing custom wheels with their factory-issued counterparts. 
          • Paint decals, woodworking detailing, or window stickers, internal or external: Removal of these details could cause paint, finish, or interior damage and Recovery America is not willing to risk financial responsibility for these items.
                i.   Recovery America will attempt the removal of window magnets during a property pick-up appointment provided that the magnets are easily peeled off. No scraping, picking, scrubbing, or other abrasive techniques will be performed to remove magnets that have become stuck. 
          • Custom headlights, taillights, grills, exhaust systems, mufflers, steering columns: Recovery America cannot remove or allow the post-repossession removal of features due to the risk of damage to the vehicle and the fact that any one of these parts missing makes the vehicle road ineligible. 
          • Attached pick-up truck cab covers, tool boxes, or bed linings: Recovery America cannot risk the damage to the vehicle that the removal of these items could cause. 
        1. Your property contains a loaded weapon

      a.  All firearms recovered from a vehicle will be surrendered to West Chester Police Department, where they will run against the system to check that the registered owner of the weapon matches the registered owner of the vehicle. This is Recovery America’s policy AND that of the State. 

      i.  If the registered firearm owner is the registered vehicle owner, the weapon will be given back without ammunition at the time of property pick up. The firearm and ammunition CANNOT be picked up at the same time for the safety of Recovery America employees. The ammunition will either be disposed of and the registered owner will sign a form stating they understand it is being disposed of OR the registered owner will be allowed to schedule a second property appointment for a different day, at which point they will sign another property release solely for the ammunition. 

      ii.  If the registered firearm owner is NOT the registered vehicle owner, the weapon will be confiscated by West Chester Police Department per the law. 

        1. Your property contains illegal substances

      a.  Recovery America, for the safety of our employees, must notify West Chester Police Department of any suspicious substances and / or accessories found in the vehicle. Additionally, Recovery America reserves the right to refuse to clean out vehicles, notify the financial institution and police department of the risk to our employees, mark the unit as a biohazard, and remove them from our lot with permission from the financial institution. The substances covered under this list include but are not limited to:

                                                     i.     Marijuana

                                                   ii.     Bagged powders

                                                  iii.     Burnt spoons, foils, or other utensils

                                                  iv.     Used needles
                            1. Prescription medications with clearly legible labels do not fall under this statute. 
                            2. Insulin needles do not fall under this statute. 
                            3. Unopened containers of legally purchased, properly labeled alcohol or tobacco products do not fall under this statute as long as the individual picking up the property is at or over the age of 21.